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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
System design services & online support


We decided to new achievement in 2016 as customer relationship management initiatives in the area of services and support of the products offered and the guarantee of the devices .It is evident that the project would be able to service all clients and application information systems through the application form filed at the earliest opportunity by expert support also review the result via  email.It should be noted that our customers can get the tracking code through system and the website of the operation of your device ask and avoid of waste your time to use of this facility very easy their request to act. We hope that this system could be a positive step to serve our customers .Please if you have any demand by logging into the www.daytajhiz-ap.com  and search application form in the menu of services and support to assist the company .

Thanks for your assistance .
Regards ,
Director manager
Ali Nejadkarim .
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